Monday, May 22, 2006

This Part

When members of the anti-immigrant crowd can't use facts or logic to back up their arguments, they trot out the snotty-sounding quip, "What part of 'illegal' do you not understand?"

Well, this part: How the federal government can tear apart a family of eight.
Maricela Gloria and her husband, Ruben Sr., immigrated here 14 years ago without getting legal paperwork. Four of their six children, Litzy; Daiyanara, 3; Keven, 6; and Larry, 11, are American citizens because they were born in the United States. They’ve never known any other life. Ruben Jr., 15, and Blanca, 17, although born in Mexico, were so young when they immigrated with their parents that they have no memory of that country. ...

Blanca Gloria, a junior at Rio Grande City High School, says they were driving home from a nearby store when they passed a Starr County sheriff’s deputy. Blanca Gloria says the deputy, who had caught several undocumented immigrants, stopped the two teenagers and accused them of being part of the smuggling operation. The youths didn’t have any identification; they were taken to their home just a few yards down the road, and the Border Patrol was called. Agents questioned them for several hours and learned the family was not part of the smuggling operation but were in the country illegally.
So now the feds want to deport Mom, Dad, Junior and Sis. These folks lived in Rio Grande City for years, working hard and paying taxes, not causing any trouble. If anyone thinks kicking two parents and two kids out of the country will make this nation safer or more prosperous, they're sadly mistaken.

Kudos to reporter Travis Whitehead of The Monitor for putting a human face on the immigration issue. (The Associated Press takes a look at the bigger picture today as well.)

ADDENDUM: The Washington Post mentions McAllen and Reynosa in a story on individuals and families whose lives straddle the border.


Blogger pugsley dibrute said...

The vast ,bloated bureaucracy of the U.S. gubmint is usually rigid and unyielding. Its faceless "public servants" are usually the most incompetent beings from the local community that once they are "federal" workers, NO ONE can touch then, reprimand them or (gasp!)heaven forbid, fire them . Where else in the world can one go from a clerk (a thankless profession) at circle K ,directly to the front lines of defending our border from illegals or drug traffickers? All without ANY experience?
However , 14 years is a long time to hide, to "let it go", manana , to sit around and take advantage of our generosity, to whine about it NOW. This coule have been avoided 14 year ago , had the parents taken the initiative to apply for citizenship! What the hell EVER happened to personal RESPONSIBILITY? Sadly , this case will generate attention to the self inflicted "plight" of the illegals who CHOSE to circumvent procedure to live in the land of the freebies.

1:30 PM  
Blogger Shaine Mata said...

They'll be back within a week. If the President's guest worker idea gets implemented, I'm sure they have a work history over the past 14 years to help them stay.

7:30 PM  

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