Saturday, May 20, 2006

Just Like You Like It

Here's a new way to buy votes: with Whataburger gift certificates.

An unsuccessful Weslaco school board candidate claims his opponent gave $5 restaurant gift certificates to voters, NewsChannel 5 reports:
The certificates were inside envelopes. "You can see it reads: To Supporter, From Committee to re-elect Raymond Givilancz," said [Emilio] de los Santos.
Givilancz, however, tells the TV station he didn't do it:
"I didn't purchase anything. I didn't give any out. If somebody was doing that on their own, that's up to them," he said.
Right. The candidate of a small-scale school board campaign had no idea what was going on. The complaints go to the Hidalgo County District Attorney's Office, so don't expect much to come of this.

In other voter fraud news, a jury acquits two San Juan women, buying the defense attorney's claim that "They're not all there, and these politiqueras took advantage of them."
The mother and daughter were taken to vote on Election Day after already casting ballots during the early voting period by Cindy Rodriguez, the wife of San Juan City Commissioner Bobby Rodriguez, and Vicki Loredo, the wife of former mayor and PSJA school district Assistant Superintendent Robert Loredo.
Of course, the politiqueras themselves never faced charges.


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