Wednesday, May 17, 2006

But How Will His Store Remain in Business?

PSJA schools superintendent Arturo Guajardo says he'll retire this summer.** The six-year head of the Pharr-San Juan-Alamo Independent School District says he wants to spend more time with his wife and family.

Considering the FBI raided his home and office** -- along with those of several school board members -- Guajardo's smart to get in that quality time while he still can. After all, one board member, Guadalupe Jaime Santa Maria, already pleaded guilty to conspiring to receive bribes from contractor Alonso Cardenas in exchange for votes.

Of course, Guajardo still needs income. If he longer runs the district, he could rely on his hardware store, Screw & Bolt (wait ... it's San Juan Bolt & Supply -- screw & bolt is what he does to taxpayers), which somehow seemed to land all sorts of contracts** with the PSJA school district, sometimes coming in just pennies under competing bids.

The school board allowed Guajardo to profit from the district (and taxpayers) even though he had a clear conflict of interest. Meanwhile, PSJA voters give these chuckleheads $70 million more in tax money to piss away.

Now to see if PSJA board members actually look outside the district for a qualified replacement, or if they will follow McAllen ISD's example and appoint an unqualified crony as superintendent.

**WARNING: This Monitor article may contain an annoying Obra Homes video advertisement with obnoxious voiceover.


Blogger pugsley dibrute said...

With the passing of the BISD bond requests, one of the BISD "trustees" is set to cash in on some land he has set aside for one of the High schools. They wanna build a high school for 50mil when down the street, in Los Fresnos they're gonna build one for 15Mil. I seem to be the ONLY one who sees this as highly unusual. It also seems that corruption and greed is a common attribute in all of our public servants here in the sleazy grande valley huh?

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