Monday, April 10, 2006

Maybe They Didn't Get the Memo

Despite a report that Monday's immigration protest was canceled, some students in McAllen hit the streets today anyway.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of people rally all over the U.S. to voice their disapproval of current immigration policies.

And for all the haters whining that illegal immigrants don't pay taxes and sponge off government social programs, talk show host Tony Snow shows how they actually help the economy:
Princeton University sociologist Douglas S. Massey reports that 62 percent of illegal immigrants pay income taxes (via withholding) and 66 percent contribute to Social Security. Forbes magazine notes that Mexican illegals aren't clogging up the social-services system: only 5 percent receive food stamps or unemployment assistance; 10 percent send kids to public schools.
So there.

See the blog South Texas Chisme for more about the immigration protests.


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