Thursday, March 09, 2006

Font Size Matters

Is former Edinburg mayor Joe Ochoa breaking Texas election rules? Anonymous blogger Earn My Vote at Edinburg Politics says Ochoa's mayoral campaign advertising violates state law.

Earn links to the Ethics Commission's "what you need to know" pamphlet on political advertising, which says candidates can't imply that they hold an elected position if they aren't actually the incumbent. If they're the challenger, they have to use the word "for" in their material:
The word "for" must be at least one-half the type size as the name of the office and should appear immediately before the name of the office. [emphasis added]
According to this image of Ochoa's campaign material (is it from an advertisement, a sign or a commercial?) that Earn provides, the letters spelling "for" appear less than one-fourth the size of the word "mayor."

Has it already been three years since voters ousted Mayor Joe, resulting in a huge turnover in Edinburg city government? This should be an interesting race to watch.


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