Friday, May 19, 2006

Your World. Delivered (to the NSA).

The phone companies that violated customers' privacy -- and the law -- by giving phone records to the National Security Agency face a slew of lawsuits, including a couple of note here in Texas.

As the Nueces County-centric blog South Texas Chisme notes, high-powered Corpus Christi trial lawyer Mikal Watts (whose firm has branches in McAllen and Brownsville) takes on telecom giant AT&T (the company formerly known as Southwestern Bell), suing Ma Bell for turning our phone records over to the feds without a warrant. Two other Corpus firms and a Houston firm sign on to litigate the class-action claim against the San Antonio-based corporation, filed in a Corpus Christi federal court.

In another class action, out of Austin, Texas Civil Rights Project director Jim Harrington joins another lawyer, a financial advisor and the alternative weekly Austin Chronicle to take on AT&T.

For anyone naive enough to think that it's OK for the government to spy on everyone because they're looking for terrorists, think about this: Not only is this a gross intrusion on our privacy, but I guaran-goddam-tee that sooner or later the government will use this spying to track down and punish anyone who disagrees with it.


Blogger pugsley dibrute said...

Funny how Hillary used the IRS and some FBI files to intimidate her detractors, and now this. But I don't recall such media inspired BS like this NSA thng. I'm somewhat skeptical about this whole thing , since most of the major phone companies are denying this , flat out . I don't believe anything that comes out of the NYT . I'll prefer to wait and see. Persoanlly I'm not scared of a damn thing. I mean just look at what the gubmint has produced, the post office, the border patrol, WELFARE, and other useless agencies that are here to "protect us". I feel safer already! :>

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