Thursday, January 12, 2006

More Edcouch-Elsa Embarrassment

A dozen-odd individuals sue the Edcouch-Elsa school district for wrongful termination, saying they were suspended or fired for supporting the wrong side in the previous school board election.

Meanwhile, teachers have elementary students write ass-kissing letters to the indicted E-E school board president Aaron Luis Gonzalez, who faces federal charges of "conspiracy to commit extortion, mail fraud, bribery relating to a federally funded government program, and interstate travel in aid of a bribery scheme."

Some parents say the board member's arrest sets the wrong example for kids, and they shouldn't be writing letters to him. The E-E superintendent tells Newschannel 5 that no one forces the kids to write the letters; "They do it on their own."

Give me a break. Grade schoolers know who they principal is, but that's about it. No way they pen notes of support to a school board member without prompting.


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