Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Attention Valley School Officials ...

If you spoke to contractor Al Cardenas Jr. in the past couple of years, you might want to contact your lawyer.

Turns out the feds had Cardenas tape his conversations with PSJA school board member Jaime Santa Maria. As The Monitor reports:
Cardenas, who pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges in August, had been secretly cooperating with federal officials since at least May 2004, and brought a recording device to meetings he held with former Pharr-San Juan-Alamo School Board trustee Guadalupe Jaime Santa Maria, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Larry Eastepp.

This probably sparked last year's FBI raid of the school district offices and the superintendent's and board members' homes and offices. If PSJA Superintendent Arturo Guajardo, along with board members Vangie Garcia De Leon, Roy Navarro and Roy Rodriguez, aren't worried by now, they should be.


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