Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Single-Party County

The Monitor story about incumbent state Rep. Mando Martinez's wife challenging him in the Democratic Primary also mentions other candidate filings.

The most significant fact in that article, however, is that the Hidalgo County Democratic Party fields 47 candidates for its primary, while the Hidalgo County GOP can't find anybody to run for office locally.

C'mon, Republicans; give people a reason to show up to the polls for the general election in November. If you don't, the Democrats will continue taking Hidalgo County voters for granted.


Blogger JB said...

Perhaps we should ask Roy Ibanez (who claims he had no support from state Republican coffers when seeking the 41 seat against Gonzales) why he left the Republican party ticket. Jesse

7:16 PM  
Blogger pugsley dibrute said...

As long as half of the people in the valley are on the dole/take , there will NEVER be a significant GOP candidate . It doesn't help , either , that the local GOP doesn't/won't support anyone down here with a "high-spanic" name . Not since Tony Garza from camaroon (sic) county has there been anyone from the GOP in office down here. We're slow to learn or move on down here. Just my .2 from a fierce independent . Mr Pugsley diBrute/Brownsville,Tx.

12:20 PM  

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