Thursday, January 05, 2006

Advice To Flee

A former employee with the Mexican consulate in Dallas says a diplomat told crime suspects -- and victims -- they're better off running back to Mexico than seeking justice in the United States, according to the Dallas Observer:

"He said, 'My advice to you is to go bond him out now and go back to Mexico,' " [former consular employee Susana] Loera says. "He said, 'If he stays here, he's going to get convicted. The American justice system is very corrupt. He's going to get an outlandish sentence, so you need to bond him out now and run to Mexico.' " ...

[V]ictims, too, were often told they would be better off escaping to Mexico than looking for justice from the U.S. legal system.
The Consul General refutes Loera's claims, saying "all of her assertions are absolutely slanderous, all of them."

But if these allegations about the Dallas consulate are true, is this behavior an exception, or is it typical of other Mexican consulates as well?


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