Thursday, June 22, 2006

La Joya ISD Boss Suspended

The La Joya ISD school board yanks Superintendent Filomena Leo from her duties, suspending her with pay. Blogger Rico Politico over at Rio Grande Valley Politics beats local media outlets (nice job) with this scoop:
That's right. The La Joya School Board reviewed her job duties and assignments, and after a lengthy executive session, the board voted to supsend her with pay. They did name an interim Superintendent to resume the role and her name is Dr. Alda Benevidez.
The move took place Wednesday night during a specially called board meeting. The agenda for that meeting, under Section H. Personnel, Subsection 1, Employment of Professional Personnel, lists "Action on Job Duties, Performance, Responsibilities, Assignment of Superintendent."

So what's behind this suspension? Here's an educated guess:
  1. The district's supplemental insurance policy falls under scrutiny after the recommendation that reaches the school board names an insurance company different from the one administrators recommended to the superintendent.
  2. A trio of challengers sweep the incumbents from office in the May 13 school board elections.
  3. The new board members ask why teachers aren't getting their disability payments under the policy in question.
In case you'd forgotten, there's also the incestuous relationship between the old La Joya school board and the troubled La Joya Water Suppy Corporation. Not that it has anything to do with Leo's suspension, but it does illustrate the cronyism problems that plague the district.

Thanks again to Rio Grande Valley Politics for delivering this story.


Blogger Rico Politico said...

Thank you Mack for elaborating more on the story. It's really getting interesting down here on the Westside.

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