Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Another Domino Falls

More proof that the agents at the McAllen FBI office are earning their paychecks: Disgraced former Edcouch-Elsa school board president Aaron Gonzalez pleads guilty to extortion in federal court.

He faces up to 20 years as a guest of the feds (no parole in the federal system). His crime? Accepting kickbacks from Daniel Rodriguez, a McAllen architect firm employee who showed an undercover FBI agent how to bribe local officials.

From the U.S. Attorney's Office press release on Tuesday:
Today, Gonzalez pleaded guilty to extortion involving a $1,500 cash payment he accepted from an individual interested in bidding for a contract for furniture to be used in a new building then being built by EE-ISD. In turn, Gonzalez promised to use the official powers of his elected office in assisting this individual in the bid for an EE-ISD contract.
Tip one domino over, and the rest in line soon will fall. Since Gonzalez copped a plea, you have to wonder if he traded information in hope of a lighter sentence. I'm sure his cronies in the Delta area are sweating right now. Remember, his business serves as insurance agent for the city of Elsa.


Blogger Powerslave105 said...

There are people in the Hidalgo County courthouse sitting on pins and needles waiting for their turn. I'll get my bag of popcorn and a thirstbuster and watch the show.

1:27 PM  
Blogger pugsley dibrute said...

Send those FBI agents down here to Browntown,Taxes . They would have their hands FULL! I could provide an alphabetical list of the crooks down here, that have mayor, state senator ,county judge ,school board trustee ,city AND county commissioner, police chief,,etc as their prefixed titles...Aqui no acaban! And we wonder why Matamoros makes fun of us ?! Chingao !

9:29 PM  

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