Friday, December 16, 2005

The Wrong Man to Know

The federal indictment of E-E school board president Aaron Luis Gonzalez on conspiracy and extortion charges also mentions the man accused of paying him in return for influcence: Daniel Rodriguez, whom The Monitor mentions is head of Conceptual Realities Inc. in McAllen.

What else has Daniel Rodriguez been up to? It seems he took who he thought was a salesman under his wing, "showing him the ropes in how to bribe public officials, according to court testimony..."

Rodriguez turns up in another case: the 2004 convictions of Santa Rosa ISD's superintendent and school board president for conspiracy, extortion and mail fraud. In that case, court testimony revealed:
The Vasquez brothers were also accused of accepting a free trip to Las Vegas from Daniel Rodriguez, the head of Conceptual Realities Inc., and meeting with Rodriguez and [undercover FBI special agent Osbaldo] Alaniz in New Orleans, where the group ate meals and attended strip clubs. ...

How many Valley school districts did business with Daniel Rodriguez and Conceptual realities? There must be lots of school board members sweating right now, because they know it's just a matter of time.


Blogger pugsley dibrute said...

Is this the way the valley is portrayed in other cities via other news outlets? EVERYONE is crooked? Or is it 'cus its the fricking truth? I know that the cameroon county jail was built by pals of the county judge there. So are the commissary vendors and the food service (Aramark) contract as well. Even the law firm that sued the "builder" of the jail were pals to, of the judge. But I guess since everyone (democrats) are pals down here its treated as "busines as usual". Todos maman! Que mamadas!

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