Thursday, December 01, 2005

Dazed and Confused

McAllen cops bust Hidalgo County District Clerk Omar Guerrero for DWI and marijuana possession.

Guerrero refuses a blood test -- just like anyone has the right to do -- citing a religion with ties to West Africa. "It's a religion where it doesn't permit me to give my blood alcohol," the politician tells NewsChannel 5.

Guerrero's interpretation of this religion sounds like something Homer Simpson would come up with.

No word yet on when District Attorney Rene Guerra will drop the charges.


Blogger pugsley dibrute said...

This guys in hilarious and almost believable. But how about that 7 GRAND that he "left" in daddy's car ? Como andabas buey? How much does he get paid exactly? Does he have other sources of income like many of this in Hidalgo county, the capital of psuedo cops robberies ? Are the texas rangers or the dea looking into this? This guy rivals most of our politicians here in camaroon county. I also love the excuses his attorney gives for his unkept appearance and obvious drug usage . Those guys will employ any lie huh? Chingao !

9:49 AM  

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