Sunday, November 20, 2005

'Closer to God'

The Houston Chronicle examines sleazebag ex-sheriff Conrado Cantu's distinguished law enforcement career in Cameron County. He faces up to life in prison at his sentencing next month for protecting drug smugglers.

This gag-inducing quote comes from Cantu's lawyer:
''He's in high spirits, he's found religion, he's closer to God," [attorney Alberto] Pullen said. ''He's got faith everything is going to work out."

The Chron also mentions three other South Texas sheriffs who ended up in Club Fed: Hidalgo County's Brigido Marmolejo Jr., Starr County's Eugenio Falcon Jr. and Zapata County's Romeo T. Ramirez. I'm sure they also found Jesus when they found out they were facing hard time.


Blogger Rico Politico said...

Isn't it funny how after all their sins they seem to "find" God? Where was God in their life before or during the commitment of their crimes?

8:27 AM  
Blogger pugsley dibrute said...

Rico, its 'cuz he has no access to fajitas, beer, his swooning "supporters" (and we now know who they are), thus god is his last choice . My real question is that the wife of his (cantu's) crime boss, jerry "geronimo"garcia surely enjoyed the perks of being the wife of a mafioso. A big home ,paid for. No lien. Bought from ANOTHER purported drug dealer. This woman goes to work daily ,a teacher of a nearby school, espousing the "just say no" mantra of the illegal use of drugs while at the same time busy counting the mountain of small bills that accumulate being a drug dealer herself. Que hipocrita! But then again her emtire family is in the same business, so this incarceratiom of her husband and brother is only a speed bump in their "lifestyle".

10:56 AM  

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