Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Other Side of the Valley

There are plenty of blogs focusing on the Rio Grande Valley, here's the first one I've seen focusing on what's going on in Mexico: El Otro Lado Del Valley.

South Texas blogger Tino Gallegos wants to start keeping an eye on events south of the border, as he says in his first post:
What a time to be alive and living in the Rio Grande Valley! It is an unprecedented historic time of transformation. I feel that this historic moment has to be captured right now. I hope to start posting about news stories from the other side of the valle, our southern neighbors in Mexico.
He's also got an interesting take on the deployment of military forces on the south border -- that's Mexican army forces on Mexico's southern boundary:
Fox has little room to criticize militarization of the U.S. border, because his own Southern border with Guatemala and Belize are in a much more advanced state of militarization since the 2001, "Plan Sur", implemented by his government. It should be noted that Fox himself claimed that the Mexican military would play a limited role in Plan Sur operations, but quickly assumed a much more central role in the border region.
Tino's blog hasn't had many visitors yet, so go check it out.


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