Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Because There's No Other Crime ...

... cops can rid the Harlingen streets of that scourge of South Texas, pirated DVDs.

That's right: There must not be any burglaries, robberies, rapes or murders goin' down in that town. So police are free to mount an undercover sting operation, confiscating thousands of videos and making the city so much safer.

The bust was such a success that officers make an encore appearance the next day, even though the folks who got arrested aren't too happy about it.

Yes, selling pirated DVDs is against the law. And it is stealing someone's intellectual property, although you should take merchants' claims that it hurts their business with a grain of salt. But it's so easy to copy a DVD that these raids won't halt the practice, and people will keep buying the bootlegs.

Still, I'd rather see police focusing on crimes that directly harm people -- offenses like burglary, robbery, etc. But that's a lot harder than patrolling la pulga, I guess.


Blogger pugsley dibrute said...

What's more funny is listening to that that "captain " of detectives speak about the case to the media . He actually said that " according to some peoples 'precep-chun', deees is not a crime". (its PERCEPTION ,pendejo!) Priceless! Is it any wonder that Harlingen is literally drying up, off the map of the valley. Que bola de idiotas !

8:51 PM  

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