Thursday, June 01, 2006

Court Costs

From eight to ten grand disappears from the municipal court in La Joya, and the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office steps in to investigate:
[La Joya City] Commissioner [Roberto] Jackson says if a city employee is responsible, appropriate action will be taken. He says the results of the sheriff's department investigation will reveal their next move.
One La Joya resident (who probably thinks Santa Clause puts Easter Eggs under her pillow at night) tells KGBT 4 TV the missing money is the result of "a math mistake or just plain politics. ... It's like the (La Joya) Water Supply... it's just a bunch of bull."

The La Joya Water Supply Corporation, you might remember, incurred the wrath of the Texas Attorney General for its sloppy performance. The AG's office said the water company board's blantant cronyism with the La Joya school board created an "incestuous relationship" that prevented problems from being fixed.

A court-appointed receiver had to take over to start turning things around, and an investigation led to an indictment of the former general manager, who also happened to be La Joya ISD board president.

So that clueless La Joya resident might be more right than she realizes when she says the municipal court flap is like the water company scandal. We'll know if indictments start rolling in.


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