Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Assault on Voters

For the second time in a week, a pushy "election assistant" manhandles an elderly voter. The "assistant" (that is, a poltiquera) forces her way into the voting booth as a woman from an adult day care facility tries to cast her vote, NewsChannel 5 reports.

The first case happened in Pharr, when a woman yanked a potential voter out the door; this time the bullying took place in McAllen.

This is outrageous. These political parasites are depriving individuals of their right to vote. Why aren't election workers being more forceful in keeping these vote-stealing vermin out of our polling places?

Do we need police stationed at voting locations to stop this voter abuse? If so, the Hidalgo County Democratic Party should pick up the tab. Maybe if politicians had to pay for the cleanup, they would stop hiring people who make such a big mess.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott chases down voter fraud in Texarkana, Pecos, Corpus Christi, and North Texas. We need him to come hunt these criminals in the Rio Grande Valley.


Blogger pugsley dibrute said...

Greg Abbot would need to open up an office down here in soth texas just for the magnitude of the fraud . In camaroon county, Norma hernandez literally owns several politquera factions . With voter apathy , 4 thousand votes means a sure election win. That is sad . Her husband Ernie "me first" Hernandez is a Brownsville city commissioner who has benefitted from this alliance with the devil(s) . I won't hold my breath if anything comes out of these so called investigations .

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