Sunday, February 19, 2006

District Attorney Race

The Monitor's courts reporter Brittney Booth examines the race for Hidalgo County District Attorney. Two challengers, Alma Garza and Mauro Reyna, take on longtime DA Rene Guerra, an incumbent who had it so comfortable that four years ago he didn't even have a primary opponent.

Garza actually worked for Guerra as an assistant prosecutor. She threw her hat in the ring last year.

Reyna, you might recall, faces legal scrutiny for offering to share lawyer fees with Mission community activist Ester Salinas in the ongoing chemical plant litigation.

Guerra, of course, continues to sit on the 46-year-old Irene Garza murder. He even threatened to charge the McAllen police chief if he released information in the killing.

But are voters angry enough, or smart enough, to want a change in the DA's office? The candidates strutted their stuff last week at a Hidalgo County Bar Association candidate forum and debate. A straw poll of members put Guerra in the lead with 55%, and Garza and Reyna neck-and-neck with 22% and 23%.

So the challengers have their work cut out for them if they want to force a runoff.

The good news: Even if Guerra wins re-election, he tells The Monitor he plans to retire after that term.


Blogger pugsley dibrute said...

Why won't he retire NOW ? His legacy will always be his refusal to prosecute the Garza murder case from decades ago , period. The fact thagt he anted to arrest police officers for speaking to the press is disturbing to say the least. This guy ranks near the regime of NO-landa delon, from my own camaroon county for her refusal to go to court to prosecute ANYONE . Not once did she enter a courtroom to actually do HER JOB . I guess she was more concerned with her husbands' 8 liner business to care.

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