Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Setting Priorities

The Monitor chimes in on the Cameron County District Attorney's waste of time persecuting grandparents who play video slot machines. In an editorial reprinted from the Valley Morning Star, it questions the law enforcement priorities in the Lower Rio Grande Valley:
[T]he primary challenges facing lawmen aren’t battles between drug warlords or coyotes leading hordes of illegals onto private property. No, claiming their place as the main nemesis of the law enforcement community are the owners of eight-liner parlors and the Winter Texans and others who drop coins into their machines.
As the editorial points out, it's all about money. Much like the Mafia, the state runs a protection racket. Texas "protects" us from gambling our hard-earned cash. Why? Because gambling's bad, unless it's in the state-run lottery -- which has its own problems with misleading gamblers.


Blogger pugsley dibrute said...

I hope that lawmen here in Camaroon county show the same gusto to go after major drug dealers as they have the granmaws who , gasp , play the slot machines. We have nmany major drug dealers and big time money launderers who operate with seemingly impunity while the locals go after the dangerous , well armed arcade players. Now sure, the arcades are owned by organized crime figures but why not go after THEM? Or is because THEY are influential people? Like the husband of former "D.A." No-landa de leon? Or that mysterious asian man who seems to be everywhere and nowhere all at once . Yet, some Brownsville cops sponsor big time "card games" at their homes for big pots. This just beats the hell outa me . Yep, please set priorities Mr Villalobos !

12:14 PM  
Blogger JB said...

These complaints sound conspicuously like the ones tossed around and against then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani. He believed there was no such thing as petty crime, under the belief that a little law breaking leads to more and bigger law breaking. He put more police on the streets to enforce the law. Initially, he was horribly criticized for *gasp* enforcing laws. Yet, despite those bomb throwers, the City overall profited: they had a substantial net decrease in crime. Now, folks cannot stand seeing police doing their job (for a change) in the Valley. I would hope the people recognize the importance of enforcing laws uniformly, rather favor the selective, morally relative, shoulder shruggers who propogate laissez faire law enforcement.

3:24 PM  
Blogger pugsley dibrute said...

So when do the lawmen go after the "out in the open bigtime druggies" ? Soon? Or only after all the dangerous winter texans are run out of town with their one armed bandits? Enforce the law ,I say! But enforce it and go after the big people, too , not just the little ones! Not just the ones with no money or influence ! ( hint , hint)

2:47 PM  

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