Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Vote Early, Not Often

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott takes aim at voter fraud in the March primiaries, announcing a statewide initiative to "combat and prevent the persistent problem" of election shenannigans:

“Voter fraud has been an epidemic in Texas for years, but it hasn’t been treated like one. It’s time for that to change,” Attorney General Abbott said. “Trainers from my office are now across the state visiting with prosecutors and law enforcement officers to stop the problem of voter fraud in its tracks. The integrity of our democratic election process must be protected.”

The effort targets 44 counties with either a history of voter fraud or a population of 100,000+. The AG's office has McAllen and Progreso in Hidalgo County on the list "based on historic investigations of election code violations." Cameron County makes the list because of its number of residents, according to The Associated Press.

Ideally, this training will help police and prosecutors locate and crack down on voter fraud. The AG's press release says Abbott has prosecuted four such cases since last year. Unfortunately, none of those cases were in the Rio Grande Valley. Let's hope he comes down to South Texas to do some work real soon.


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