Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Investigative Reporting

Journalist Bob Woodward, who led the way in reporting what became known as the Watergate scandal, takes the lectern at UT-Pan American on Feb. 13 as part of the university's Distinguished Speaker Series.

Woodward tells Texas Monthly he plans to talk about President Bush and the current war and about President Nixon and Watergate.

I wonder what Woodward might find if he started digging in the Rio Grande Valley. With all the scandals at various school districts and cities around South Texas, he would have his hands full. Of course, he's busy hobnobbing with all the Washington insiders, and looking at local affairs is too far beneath him.

Too bad there's no local media outlet willing to pay a reporter or two to do full-time investigative work here in the Valley. He or she might not uncover anything as important as Watergate, but they would certainly find a lot of corruption.


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