Friday, January 13, 2006

(Re)Drawing the Lines

In its brief before the Supreme Court, LULAC says the Texas Republican Party used outdated census data to draw redraw congressional districts and dilute the strength of minority voters, according to the San Antonio Express-News:
"They diluted the voice of Latinos by using this old data," Rolando Rios, a lawyer for the League of United Latin American Citizens, said Thursday.

A tip of the hat to all-around nice guy and Republican embarrassment Tom DeLay, for placing the Rio Grande Valley in a congressional district that stretches from the Mexican border all the way up to Austin.

And the next GOPer who says, "But the Democrats did it when they were in power" gets my foot up his ass. It was wrong when the donkeys did it, and it's just as wrong when the elephants do it.

As E-N columnist Carlos Guerra points out:
In the decades the four attorneys have been fighting for minority voting rights ... they have shared plaintiffs' tables with Republicans and Democrats. And both parties betrayed them.

The best, fairest solution is nonpartisan, computer-drawn redistricting. We have the technology. Unfortunately, our elected leaders in both parties don't have the balls to use it.


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