Saturday, January 21, 2006

Arcade Raid

Cameron County sheriff's deputies swoop down upon another den of iniquity, raiding La Herradura in Olmito and citing the patrons they caught with gambling charges, including senior citizens.

The district attorney is adamant that he only way the targeted arcades will shut down is by going after the arcade owners, property owners and the patrons, and he vowed Friday that efforts will not stop until they are.
Yeah, going after the customers worked so well during Prohibition that we repeated it with the War on Drugs. If he really thinks ticketing little old ladies who want their gambling fix will put a halt to these casinos, he's sadly mistaken. As long as people want something, whether it's a drink or a joint or a pull on the slot machine, someone will pop up to supply them with what they want.

And THAT'S what leads to corruption -- making something illegal that everyone wants anyway.


Blogger JB said...

Reversing prohibition may have done a wonder for alcohol-related corruption, but the same reasoning can't be applied to all contraband or illicit activity. There remains good reasons for the prohibited exploitation of certain gambling, sex, drugs, alcohol activities. Undeniably there can never be absolute control over people's vices or lusts. But having no control versus the imperfect control over these illicit activities lead to greater harm to society: encouraging poverty, disease, moral and family deprivation. Also, the enforcement methods may need serious improvement, but that does not necessarily demand we stop enforcing our laws in favor of allowing people to indulge in illegal activity.

11:27 AM  
Blogger Mack Harrison said...

But why should we declare illegal certain actions of consenting adults? Just because it offends certain people's morals is no reason to limit behavior if it doesn't harm anyone else. And, right now, the main reason illegal drug use harms someone else is because of the astronomical profits it brings in because the government tries to keep it out. Where's the harm in allowing gambling. Don't tell me it's for the gamblers' own good; because then you'll have to start regulating fatty foods and sugary drinks for the consumers' own good.

7:25 AM  

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