Sunday, January 29, 2006

NFL Turkeys

Bad news, Dallas Cowboys fans: If you want to watch your favorite team play the archrival Washington Redskins this Thanksgiving, you better be prepared to pay.

The NFL decides to show eight prime-time Thursday and Saturday games next season on its own NFL Network -- starting with the 'Boys and the 'Skins on Turkey Day. The games won't be available on regular cable or broadcast stations. Instead, you have to buy the NFL Network from a satellite company as part of a package of channels.

League Commissioner Paul Tagliabue says, "In the end, we wanted these games on our network, which is devoted 24/7 to the sport of football, and not on a multi-sport network."

Valley fans who don't have a dish or don't want to pay extra to watch the team they've supported all these years are just out of luck. Thanks for killing a Thanksgiving Day tradition, Paul.


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