Sunday, November 06, 2005

Nice work, if you can get it

The Brownsville Herald brings us the story of a nonprofit organization that hires workers with disabilities to produce military gear under government contracts. The CEO of ORC Industries, Barbara Barnard, received more than $680,000 in compensation in 2003 -- meanwhile, some workers there make less than minimum wage. From the article:
A recent Senate committee report blasted ORC Industries Inc., a Brownsville nonprofit that employs disabled workers, criticizing its performance and calling its CEO’s pay an "inexcusable waste of taxpayer money."

This company started out in Wisconsin and opened a facility in Brownsville in 1998, with an incentive package from the Brownsville Economic Development Council.

My favorite part of the story: When reporter Chris Mahon tried to ask Barnard about the report, she ducked the questions and hung up on him. Note to the ORC Industries board of directors: If you're gonna pay someone more than half a million a year, make sure they have the guts to answer questions about the company.

If you're interested reading more about the Senate committee's report, here you go.


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