Saturday, November 05, 2005

Hidalgo County DA race

Another challenger has entered the race for Hidalgo County District Attorney.

Mauro Reyna III throws his hat into the ring tonight, according to The Monitor. He's a former municipal judge in Mission and Palmhurst. Reyna currently works as La Joya's city attorney.

Reyna joins former prosecutor Alma Garza in the Democratic primary against incumbent Rene Guerra.

I'm glad to see another candidate in this race, but some of what Reyna's talking about seems totally outside the scope of the DA's duties:

If elected, Reyna said he would provide increased training to police departments and implement a plan to regionalize law enforcement resources.

"My goal is to form a regional authority to provide law enforcement services to the entire county," he said.

That's not the DA's job. What should a district attorney be doing? How about, I dunno, prosecuting offenses? Reyna does say he will reopen the Irene Garza case, a crime the current DA has avoided taking action on.

At least in this election, Rene Guerra will have to spend his campaign funds on his own election, instead of spending his money on his nephew's ultimately unsuccessful campaign.


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