Monday, October 31, 2005

Forget Waldo ...

... where's Omar?

Challenger Laura Hinojosa, who announced her campaign for Hidalgo County district clerk last year, opened fire against incumbent Omar Guerrero.

If you noticed bumper stickers around town asking, "Where's Omar?" they refer to the incumbent's less-than-stellar attendence at his taxpayer-supported job. As an elected official, of course, Guerrero doesn't have any boss other than the taxpayers. So if he doesn't show up for work, the only sanction he faces comes on election day.

Guerrero, of course, wants to impose sanctions of his own on Lone Star Shredding and Document Storage, the company that stores records for the district clerk's office. He said several court files had gone missing. He told county commissioners the firm misplaced 215 files, but the company said all but five of them were accounted for. One of the company's owners said the move comes because he isn't supporting Guerrero's re-election campaign; the district clerk said he's just looking out for the taxpayers.

Which sounds more likely to you?


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