Friday, October 14, 2005

Be afraid ...

... be very afraid.

It's not that I think that J.D. Salinas isn't qualified to run for Hidalgo County judge. It's that, as radio station KURV 710 reported on its website: "Salinas making his annoucement before family members and supporters -- a gathering that included all four county commissioners." (emphasis added)

Folks, that's just like having one political party in charge of the White House and Congress. Can you imagine what this nation would be like if that happened?

Oh. ...

The commissioners haven't been getting along lately with current County Judge Ramon Garcia, mainly because he offers a reality check every now and then. If they're all pulling for Salinas, you got to wonder.

Whenever a group of elected officials all hold hands and sing Kumbahya like this, you better hold on to your wallet.


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