Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Girl fight

So a fight breaks out at PSJA North, and a girl ends up in the hospital. Channel 5 reports on it, quoting PSJA Superintendent Arturo Guajardo as saying the campus is safe and incidents like this are normal in schools throughout the area.

Well, the parents at PSJA North didn't take too kindly to that, slamming the superintendent on radio station Wild 104's morning call-in show. The superintendent, in blame-shifting mode, called in to the show to say that the TV station took his comments out of context. So the station aired a report comparing the unedited footage with the story in question.

Sometimes this guy can be his own worst enemy. Still, it makes for interesting reading.


Blogger IAlmaguer said...

PSJA ISD administrators do not seem too interested in the safety of the students. This administration needs to understand that sitting on the board or holding the highest position of the district is not to gain political power, but it is a responsibility that should be taken seriously. Parents of PSJA ISD students should become more involved during school board elections and understand that the person who is elected will have a great impact on the education and safety of their children. Votes for a candidate should not be swayed by a chicken plate and some beer or even worse by a politiquera. Know the issues and vote with your conscience.

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