Sunday, September 03, 2006

IMAS Audit

The International Museum of Art & Science passed recent audits, but The Monitor's Marc Gellar reports that it's not all roses and sunshine at the McAllen facility.

According to the story in the Sunday paper, IMAS has climbed out of its hole two years after a 2004 city audit revealed cash-flow problems, misuse of museum property, and other problems. However, the audit also said "management needs to pay more attention to certain cash accounts to ensure the funds are used properly and in a timely manner." Furthermore,
The auditor also noted that inventory records didn’t match up with the general ledger; the museum didn’t have a written purchasing policy; some purchase orders weren’t prepared in a timely manner or didn’t have authorized signatures; and electronic membership records didn’t match up with manually recorded membership records.
This finding comes as IMAS wants the city of McAllen to bump its contribution to the museum by $100 grand, to about $772,000.

The story also mentions the huge amount of turnover at the museum. For an insider's perspective on what's happening at IMAS, check out the blog At The Museum, especially the comments in this post, which points out that IMAS doesn't even offer any art classes or programs.

Current and former museum employees and volunteers, what do you think of this newspaper article?


Blogger Viva la Revolucion said...

It honestly makes me very unhappy to hear that the museum is still not financially stable. What will it take for the city of McAllen to open their eyes, and realize that the museum is a hole going nowhere? I wish they would stop shoveling money into imas and think of other ways to utilize tax dollars.

9:34 AM  
Blogger pugsley dibrute said...

The city of Mcallen is not alone in its squandering taxpayers money. Down here in Browntown,Taxes , it wastes millions annually in propping up a money losing golf course, an "events" center that cost millions over its projected budget cost, and can't even hold decent sized events.(But it does hold many quincieneras all the time, pathetic) This waste includes two white elephant police "substations" where over 30 certified officers work in. Between these 30 cops, there has been not ONE arrest of note in many years of its tax robbing existence. Of course they only work 9/5 , weekends off, que padre! ( Mamones only, need apply here! ) Yet we continue to elect these same,lame incompetents, and their accompanying appointees , huh ?

7:12 AM  
Blogger Viva la Revolucion said...

Artie Hughes former Chair on the IMAS board has recently stepped off the board after 7 years! Finally! Dr. John Gerling IMAS Board President creates a new position "currator assistant" and hires his daughter Megan Gerling with tax payers $$$, but doesn't see it as NEPOTISM as it was "his daughter who got him involved with IMAS in the first place" Collage was a failure with only 150 attendees including staff, tickets were $100 a pop, there was NOT 3 bands as IMAS had announced, and there was no Cornerstone Grill either...IMAS served up cold, soggy Chinese food, there was no silent auction and only 3 pieces of art work was sold -
Gerling is currently upset with Marc Geller and The Monitor for printing the "Back in Black" article, Gerling is denying all information in the museum blog...
and that's it for now - will keep you all updated

3:05 PM  
Blogger Viva la Revolucion said...

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7:55 PM  
Blogger Viva la Revolucion said...

Museum UPDATE:

Bertha Gonzalez, recently hired Marketing Director at IMAS QUIT

Eva Pascal, recently hired Development Director at IMAS QUIT

They each had less then a year under their "museum belt" and QUIT within a month span of each other.

But here's the real news:
Dr. John Gerling, IMAS Board President had created a new position for his daughter Megan Gerling as an "Assistant Curator" She didn't even make it 9 months before she decided to throw in the towel at good 'ole IMAS as well.

Other community news:

The Bakal’s recently loaned IMAS a very distinguished collection of Mexican colonial silver to prominently display. I guess Rosenkrantz has no idea what the word "prominent" means. First off, the precious historic pieces weren't placed in a gallery; they were shoved in a hallway as you enter the museum. There was NO press release written announcing the event, no radio announcement, and museum members and other members of the community received the exhibition postcard THREE to FIVE DAYS AFTER THE OPENING had already occurred. I got my invite in the mail on Monday of this week January 29th and the opening fell on January 26th! Someone got shunned, big time! WHY THOUGH???

7:59 PM  

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