Sunday, August 27, 2006

Meet the New Boss ...

... Same as the old boss:
LA JOYA — The La Joya school board’s three newest members campaigned last spring against what they called a long tradition of cronyism and corruption in the school district.

But since Rita Garza-Uresti, J.A. "Fito" Salinas and Johnn Valente Alaniz took office in mid-May, the seven-member board has installed several people with close family and political ties to board members.
Pete Townsend was right.


Blogger sanchopanza said...

Esmer Flores Anany, the new director of Parental Involvement, is sister to Kino Flores, who is son-in-law to Mayor Jorge Flores and Irene Garcia, Chairwoman of STC. O what a tangle web....

12:21 PM  
Blogger Fair & Balanced said...

Hello Mack Harrison,

Is that all there is? You can do better than that.

6:09 AM  
Blogger Truth Be Told said...

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8:38 AM  
Blogger Truth Be Told said...

Something is better than nothing. At least the real Truth is being brought out now. I believe the reason why Mack Harrison wrote twice on the old situation (incorrectly), writing 246 and 276 words compared to 63 words here, has something to do with why the The Paper of South Texas has been relatively quiet as well. It is what I mentioned before, they (The Paper, whom Mack H. works for) endorsed these candidates and now must face the fact that they made a mistake. I will not get to bent out of shape though, as it is difficult to accept our mistakes. The fact that he even commented on this subject shows that he at least realizes that these guys are bad news, and I can live with that. But if you want more info, come visit my blog (and thank you to to the The Monitor for mentioning me as well). I will have more Truth to come yet…

8:45 AM  
Blogger Strange Bedfellows said...

Stop tooting your own horn. It's getting old, truth. Regardless of what The Paper did or endorse, the fact of the matter is the old political machine is out and is being replaced by a newer model.

9:00 AM  
Blogger Truth Be Told said...

*sigh* You fail to grasp the importance of what I am saying so I’ll just say it again. The fact that they did endorse these candidates is quite relevant to the situation, since it inhibits their ability to report the news accurately. It’s like writing a letter of recommendation for someone who goes and acts like at total ass and thus ruins your reputation. If you are going to write someone a letter of recommendation you damn well be sure whom you are writing it for and be ready to take some heat if they don’t turn out to be what you said they would be. This is more relevant to The Paper than it is to Mack, since he obviously has some sense and not just blind devotion...and the Truth never gets old if it is righteous. Or do you have doubt in you heart, and Truth only acts to aggravate it?

2:43 PM  
Blogger Mack Harrison said...

Fair & Balanced, yes, that's all there is. If you don't like it, I'll gladly refund your money.

Meanwhile, perhaps this Valley Politics entry and this RGV Politics post are more to your liking.

Truth Be Told, the reason this post was so short compared to my previous blog entries is because I've been busy with school. As for The Paper of South Texas, it spanked the new LJISD school board in this editorial back in July for Leo's contract buyout.

Also, how was I incorrect in my previous entries on La Joya ISD?

8:58 AM  
Blogger Truth Be Told said...

“Allegedly without the required superintendent’s certification bestowed by the Texas Education Agency to deserving applicants.”
“And why should taxpayers give up their precious dollars to any school district employee who, according to the school board, has violated school district, state or federal laws?”

Those two quotes from that article and the tone in that article does not sit well with me, Mack. I have already posted before on the use of the word allegedly, and that first quote is also entirely incorrect. She had the required superintendent’s certification and that is a fact that was already laid to rest on the Politicos blog. And you really cannot say that it spanked the new school board in that article. It was more like a harsh slap on the wrist. They didn’t even mention the names of the board members.

As for the shortness of your posts due to school…I can live with that, but understand why I brought it up originally. It is actually similar to the “Leo syndrome”. On the surface it looks like Filomena Leo was promoted because of her husband, but if one really delves deeper for the Truth, one can see that it is not truly the case.
And finally, you incorrect statements I already addressed on one of your other posts.

3:03 PM  
Blogger Fair & Balanced said...

Buenas tardes Mack Harrison,

Keep your money. You've earned it. I didn't mean to ruffle your feathers, but it seems that when it comes to coming down on these new guys you bloggers just don't get it right.

Look, I'm not saying things were perfect during Mrs. Leo's term at La Joya, but allegations were blown out of proportion by people who were out to stictly power grab.

As time passes, you will see for yourself. You've got to admit that you misjudged the new slate and if you do, then admit that you could be wrong about what really happened before.

Thanks for the links , I especially thought the RGV Politics was very objective.

3:23 PM  
Blogger Strange Bedfellows said...

Truth, if you don't like what Mack's got to say or what other blogs got to say about La Joy, don't blame them. It's not their fault for the problems occuring in that city. You have a totally different perspective on what is happening in La Joya from what the blogs write about, and you continue to attack those that do not conform to your philosophy.

You may be removed physically from La Joya, but you got a good sense of what is happening in your home town. However, when you post, you make it seem that everything was hunky-dory up until this recent election. There has always been problems in that part of the county, but it just seems like it is more public now then ever before.

8:38 AM  
Blogger Truth Be Told said...

Correction Mr. Bedfellow, I continue to attack those that do not provide the Truth and not those that do not adhere to my philosophy. But, I guess technically you are correct, since the philosophical stance I gravitate towards is that of epistemology, and I do not agree with those that do not follow it. My aim is to provide knowledge so that the Truth is justified in a logical argument. When people do not provide accurate information, then yes I will "attack" their arguments and attempt to provide the Truth of the matter at hand.

I have never attacked Mack Harrison or the other bloggers personally, just their arguments, which have fallacious premises that lead to invalid conclusions.

Just because I have a different perspective than others, does not mean that I am inaccurate. Millions of people support Castro and his communist regime in Cuba, yet thousands of others risk their lives to escape his totalitarian island because they do not agree with his regime. Are these people wrong for wanting out? As you say, I am from La Joya while the others bloggers are not. Now, does that make them, but it means they may not have as much information or personal contact with the issues at hand. This does not make their material irrelevant, but rather it is "skewed" since they do not have all the facts at hand. Do not interpret this to mean that they shouldn't report what is going on in La Joya, but rather that they take more care in providing accurate information to the public. When bloggers write about the personal lives of people on a public forum, they have an obligation to adhere to virtue ethics in providing knowledge to a wide variety of people (such as those before us did, ie. Aristotle, Plato, Confucius). For attempting to provide this knowledge, I applaud all these bloggers, but I feel that it I have an obligation to provide the Truth when it does not appear in their blogs/posts.

I also never said or insinuated that everything was "hunky-dory" in La Joya before USA came to power. There were problems in the water supply, but not at La Joya ISD. So as far as the school district is concerned, there were no major problems that were screaming out to be fixed. Every government entity has its problems; it is the manner in which these problems are solved that determines the competency of these leaders.

8:50 AM  
Blogger Truth Be Told said...

Oh I forgot, I did find some others who are reporting on the dealings of La Joya ISD. More info.

8:52 AM  

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